Vegan smoothie diet 30 days

By | September 12, 2020

vegan smoothie diet 30 days

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Test out a vegan diet this month with our tips, tricks and recipes. There is a lot of hype surrounding veganism, so why not give it a try? Our Day Vegan Challenge will help you answer questions like is vegan the healthiest diet? Or is vegan right for you? Mix up your routine with 30 days of healthy plant-packed recipes and hacks to make it vegan for a month. Vegetables are the star of any healthy eating pattern, especially if you are trying to eat vegan. They come in many shapes and forms which offer different nutrition, so variety is key. A great way to boost your vegetables intake is by adding them to foods you regularly eat. For example, add sauteed vegetables to pasta sauce, or blend spinach into a smoothie. Also, pairing a salad with your meal is a fresh, delicious way to up the veg in your day. Meat substitutes can feel intimidating, so use this month to get familiar with something new.

What better way to kick off the New Year than with Veganuary — a cleansing of the body and mind? Follow along on my day cleanse with these 65 recipes for a month of vegan and gluten-free clean eating. They never turned out too well for me. Within a few days of the new year, my goals were long forgotten and only the faint guilt of broken resolutions lingered. So for years, I ignored the ritual altogether. I look forward to the fresh start that is symbolized through the changing of calendar years. Get my Clean Eating Shopping list. More specifically, that means. Not only do I kick off every new year with a Day Cleanse as a way to get back health after the holiday season, but I also ask YOU to join along.

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