Unvaccinated snow leopard at San Diego Zoo catches COVID-19

By | July 25, 2021

A snow leopard at the San Diego Zoo has contracted COVID-19

SAN DIEGO — An unvaccinated snow leopard at the San Diego Zoo has contracted COVID-19.

Ramil is not showing additional symptoms, the zoo said, but because he shares an enclosure with a female snow leopard and two Amur leopards, the staff assumes they have been exposed. As a result, the animals were quarantined and their exhibit was closed.

It’s unclear how Ramil got infected.

In January, a troop of eight gorillas at the zoo’s sister facility, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, contracted COVID-19 from a keeper who had the virus but showed no symptoms.

The gorilla troop, which has since recovered, became the first known example of the virus infecting apes.

However, Ramil had not been vaccinated before his infection.

There is no vaccine mandate for the staff, but unvaccinated employees are required to wear masks at all times, the zoo said.

ABC News: Health

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