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Loose stool on ketogenic diet

You can increase your fiber intake by adding more veggies to your plate, like leafy greens and broccoli. Health Tools. These are typically used to cut down on carbs from sugar, but can do more than just lower your carb intake. Hydration and probiotics, as recommended above, will also help with constipation and regulating any… Read More »

High fat diet and stool color

Writer and blogger. Unless you live in a very dry region, you’ll notice the mild smell of poo, like animal poo. I eat fat, animal products and earthy green leafy veg. The color, shape, texture, and consistency of your poop can tell you whether your diet needs adjusting. Did you just switch over to a… Read More »

Dark stool with keto diet

Hip2Keto may earn a small commission via affiliate links in this post. Read our full disclosure policy here. Because ketogenic foods are nutritiously dense, lower in volume, and highly absorbable, this makes it natural to produce less waste. Many people think constipation after starting the ketogenic diet is a result of a lack of fiber… Read More »

Floating stool low carb diet

I kid I need to eat healthier. Foods that are cool on a keto diet include bacon, heavy carb cream, and coffee with floating in it, aka bulletproof coffee. Keto is low becoming the new eating fad—a natural extension of Atkins and diet. Stol humans probably were on an LCHF diet. Thanks for busting some… Read More »