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Foodie Friday vegan recipe: smoked tofu & vegetable skewers with spicy peanut dipping sauce

Model and nutrition enthusiast Karen Koramshai, shares an exclusive vegan recipe – smoked tofu and vegetable skewers with spicy peanut dipping sauce Karen Koramshai is a model and chef and wellness expert. Passionate about self-care too, Karen has launched her first website which is full of nourishing recipes and inspiring content to help others discover new ways… Read More »

Dr stork diet belly soup recipe

This vegan soup recipe is chock-full of colorful vegetables. All those veggies give this soup plenty of fiber, upping the satisfaction factor while keeping calories low, which can aid in weight loss and lead to–yes–a flatter belly. Vibrant turmeric adds a golden color to the flavorful broth, while cumin and ginger give it a bright,… Read More »

Diet rice crispy treats recipe

Super soft, rice 3 ingredients and WAY less processed sugar than regular rice crispy treats. I love easy recipes like this! Recipes Egg Muffins Egg Muffins are the perfect choice for an easy, high protein diet on the road. Instead of maple syrup : feel free to use honey, brown rice syrup or coconut syrup.… Read More »

Increase fertility food diets recipe

Fertility is complicated, both partners are involved, and eating a seaweed-rich diet is no replacement for consulting with a reproductive endocrinologist who can run diagnostic tests to determine what may be impacting your ability to conceive. Some fertility clinics even have a nutritionist on-staff to help guide women through making such diet changes. Below, nutritionists… Read More »