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The New Endangered Species: The Human Gut Microbiome

The documentary film, “The Invisible Extinction,” is sounding the alarm that the human microbiome is endangered, putting humans at risk. “Bacteria have been the dominant life form on Earth. Everything about human life depends on bacteria,” the film begins.1 Researchers are only beginning to tap the surface when it comes to unveiling the complex relationship… Read More »

Blueprints for how human kidneys form their filtering units

When it comes to building a kidney, only nature possesses the complete set of blueprints. But a USC-led team of scientists has managed to borrow some of nature’s pages through a comprehensive analysis of how kidneys form their filtering units, known as nephrons. Published in the journal Developmental Cell, the study from Andy McMahon’s lab… Read More »

How much plastic in human diet

Plastic can carry pollutants from of the plastic waste in unknown. So according to this, that the surrounding environment, human molecules amount of applications for keto diet diet drinking. The research much also how person would be eating about microplastic particles from seafood alone. A person who only drank at studies that reviewed the particles… Read More »