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Smart home management app opens up new revenue streams for service providers

Broadband Service providers can use comprehensive and GDPR-protected data insights from a smart home management app to improve customers’ Wi-Fi experience and unlock new revenue streams thanks to Gamgee’s upgrade to AVM’s FRITZ!Box Wi-Fi Router. The “Gamgee App for FRITZ!Box” presents service providers with a management capability that maps the home network, user behaviour… Read More »

New mobile infrared heater launched by ARC Thermal: slashes home and office heating bills

The new LAVA® STAND mobile infrared heater slashes home and office heating bills as running costs are only 10p per hour (based on £0.34/kWh). This contrasts with 68p an hour for a 2kW fan heater or about £2.47 to heat a typical three-bedroom house for an hour with gas central heating. If working from home,… Read More »

8 Home Remedies to Help You Prevent Vaginal Yeast Infection Naturally

Thousands of women all over the world have vaginal yeast infections without knowing it, thinking it is merely an irritation. Nevertheless, they should have knowledge about this irritable condition, its treatment, and prevention. Most importantly, they must learn about essential oils for yeast infection by The Goodbye Company. Yeast Infection in the vagina is medically… Read More »