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Former Pfizer Science Officer Reveals Great COVID-19 Scam

I’ve written several articles about scientists and medical doctors who question the official narrative about the COVID-19 pandemic and the global measures put into place because of it, from useless testing, mask wearing and social distancing, to lockdowns, tracking and tracing and the baseless fearmongering driving it all. In the video above, British journalist Anna… Read More »

Handful of Epic employees quit over COVID-19 vaccine requirement

Epic’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employees went into effect on Friday. The electronic health record vendor said that most workers had chosen to be vaccinated, but fewer than 0.5% had chosen to leave the company instead.    Given that there are about 9,600 people at company headquarters in Verona, Wisconsin, that equates to fewer than… Read More »

Lancet article calls for ‘objective, open and transparent’ debate over COVID-19 origins

The Lancet medical journal has published an article calling for an “objective” and “transparent” debate about the true origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, more than a year and a half after its controversial article condemning “conspiracy theories” that suggest the virus leaked from a laboratory in China. The article published Friday, titled, “An appeal for an… Read More »