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Misery Stephen King


Stephen King

Published 1987
ISBN : 9780739476819
306 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Misery is a gruesome story of torture with blood, guts, and a psychopath. Its a well told tale, the characters are well developed and the fact that there are only two of them never gets boring. Its a real page turner, in fact I finished it tonight after getting off the subway on the platform before I walked home. But, this book is more than just a thriller, just like King is more than just a pulp writer.I read an article by the ever optimistic and cheerful Harold Bloom in college about how dismayed he was that young people like Stephen King so much. All the literature crtics Ive read hate King and it seems like its just because people actually enjoy reading his work. Yeah, Bloom, I said work just like I would about Tolstoys work because Stephen King as damned hard worker. Think of all the books hes churned out over the last few decades. Id like to see Harold Bloom show enough imagination to write fiction instead of just criticizing it all the time.Im actually new to Stephen Kings fiction. Ive read a few of the essays and articles hes written and a really great graduation speech he gave at UMaine awhile ago in which he extolled the virtues of our mutual home state, but this is only my 3rd novel by him. I like this guy, and I know why too. Its not just because he makes me scream and I have a hard time putting his books down, its because King loves writing. He has a real and self-aware relationship with what it means to be a writer. He knows hes not Tolstoy or Faulkner, he doesnt try to write that way. He knows how to tell a good god damned story and he has a passion for it. I appreciate his self awareness as a writer and the fact that he ackowledges how difficult the whole process is while not making us feel like hes somehow superior because hes figured out how to do it.In Misery its almost like we get to watch King write this story. He doesnt just set us up for a crazy story and watch us discover things about his characters, it feels like he actually comes with us and makes the discoveries at the same time we do. Thats what makes a good storyteller. And I dont give a damn if Bloom likes him or not.