Mr Black rolls out Espresso Martini

After trialling 156 different recipes, two production methods, and three canning technologies, Central Coast distillers Mr Black finally settled on their version of the perfect espresso martini. The ready to drink product was launched this month, with a four-pack of 200ml cans (8% alcohol) selling for $ 34.99 at Liquorland, Vintage Cellar and independent bottle… Read More »

Robotic surgery’s impact on training the next generation of surgeons [PODCAST]

“Technology continues to evolve every day. In the near-term future, portable and easily deployable robots will allow surgeons all over the world to perform minimally invasive surgery in an increasing number of procedure types and become even more effective surgeons. To achieve our goal of having a future surgeon workforce that meets the demands of… Read More »

Clinicians are diamonds in the rough

According to the Smithsonian Magazine, diamonds are formed deep within the earth, about one hundred miles down in the upper mantle. As you might imagine, it is quite hot in that part of the planet, and there is a tremendous amount of pressure bearing down in that location. The brutal combination of pressure and heat… Read More »