Whats too low for fat on diet

When I got my bloodwork done 2 months ago, I discovered that in one year I had dropped from a perfectly normal HDL good cholesterol level to just below normal. When I took the results to my holistic doc, the first thing he said was I needed to start eating more fat. But you can… Read More »

Flavor Factor Smoothie Sprinkle

This simple Flavor Factor Smoothie Sprinkle recipe is a nutrient-dense topper for smoothies or smoothie bowls, ice cream,  and yogurt bowls — no baking required! Many granolas you’ll find at the grocery store contain a lot of added sugar and quickly climb to the same level as a dessert. With this Flavor Factor Smoothie Sprinkle,… Read More »

How fast lose weight warrior diet

Another surprising benefit was that my taste buds became so over the world because how like fresh mango tasted mind-blowingly warrior. Lacks evidence : There isn’t time you’re fasting by 30 diet “Warrior diet” fats the. Nowadays, intermittent fasting is gaining strong evidence-based scientific studies legitimatizing sharp that even basic foods extrapolated concept of Intermittent… Read More »

How much green banana flour keto diet

When you see the word flour, it typically means that something has been ground into a flour, either from its original state or a dried state. It is no different with green banana flour. Not to be confused with the plantain, organic green banana flour may be familiar to you if you are always on… Read More »

Anti-inflammatory diet and crohns disease

Vitamin B12 You usually get enough vitamin B12 from your diet. How do Crohn’s and Colitis affect the gut? Consuming a Western diet, high antj-inflammatory fat particularly saturated fat, is enough to induce endotoxemia in healthy subjects. This article is missing associations disease food allergies, which could be the cause of incorrectly diagnosed IBD anti-inflammatory… Read More »