Lose 10 pounds 7 days keto diet plan

By | July 15, 2020

lose 10 pounds 7 days keto diet plan

The ketogenic diet is proving to be one of the most effective weight loss methods today, so give it a try! Would you love to indulge in all the steak, cheese and butter you can eat while having your energy levels soar and melting belly fat? This metabolic state involves breaking body fats into energy, a situation that occurs due to an insufficient level of glucose. Thus, the body resorts to using body-fats or lipids as a source of fuel and breaks them into ketones. Since glucose is used as the main source of energy, your body fats are not needed, therefore they remain stored. If you diet to lose weight, note that you will not achieve it by starving yourself via depriving calories. The ketogenic concept works with the fact that our bodies are highly adaptive to what we feed them.

And you probably want to do it quickly. After all, the title is how to lose 10 pounds in one week. It can be done and I can tell you how. Keep sharing. I had not discovered intermittent fasting at that time. And I can tell you that once you get into the habit you will never want to go back because it is easy and feels great. Hope this helps.

Plan days 7 diet keto pounds lose 10

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