Keto diet for adrenal fatigue

By | May 12, 2021

keto diet for adrenal fatigue

Along with the indicators of adrenal fatigue which are always present in these cases, glucose intolerance and insulin resistance are nearly always revealed in the test results. I don’t promote any specific diet in general, as it is very individual to each person. But I do have decades of experience with ketogenic diets, although most people will not need such a strict diet. A diet that excludes simple sugars is very often needed until the adrenals recover. Fast carbs that cause blood sugar spikes are stimulating and fatiguing to the adrenal glands. They could even be one of the causes of the long term adrenal stress. Over and over again, I hear people saying they had no idea that this was happening. Though not always, the most severe cases can’t help but know how badly sugar affects them. But sometimes even then, they have remained very confused about why they have certain symptoms and problems. This is partly due to the aggressive promotion of low fat, high carb diets and the equally aggressive attacks against low carbohydrate diets that have been ongoing for over fifty years. Once I have explained the test results and the need to eliminate all simple sugars from their diet, I often get calls and emails expressing amazement at how quickly they felt better and at what a big effect sugar and other high impact carbohydrates was having on them.

What is the best diet for Adrenal Fatigue? This question comes up a lot because there are so many types of diets from paleo to keto to low-calorie and autoimmune diet. It can be confusing because there is so much conflicting advice and there are different types of diets for weight loss, autoimmune conditions and gut issues and since many patients with adrenal fatigue are dealing with all of the above deciding which type of diet to follow can seem overwhelming. Clinical studies have now shown that adrenal dysfunction can actually be improved using a carb-cycling strategy. With adrenal fatigue, the cortisol rhythm is out of balance and levels can be too high or too low throughout the day. No matter what stage of adrenal fatigue you have, the cortisol rhythm can be returned to normal, healthy levels by altering the type and amount of carbs eaten at specific times of day. One of the roles of cortisol is to keep blood sugar stable by raising blood sugar levels when they drop too low. Carbohydrates elevate blood sugar more than protein and fat.

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If you add some nuts or cheese your snack last longer. As well as low energy and periods of fatigue, weight gain especially around the midsection can be an issue if you are struggling with adrenal fatigue. The standard recommendation for slow oxidizers is to eat a low fat diet. For example if you are being chased by a rabid dog, cortisol helps rev up your system giving you an extra shot of energy so you can run for your life and escape the danger. I believe I could have avoided many years of illness and suffering if I had gone the low carb way when I was younger instead of the vegetarian and semi-vegetarian, low fat way that was in every single book on healthy diet for thirty years except for Dr. As Dr. These problems are mainly due to over eating carbohydrate beyond your personal tolerance level but will also result from very chronic stress. Over eating carbohydrates is itself a cause of adrenal stress and fatigue. It contributes to nearly every chronic illness.

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