Keto diet after tonsillectomy

By | July 3, 2020

keto diet after tonsillectomy

Prayer for healing. In preparation for her Tonsillectomy, my adult daughter purchased mini sized ice cube trays. Contrary to common belief, ice cream is not a good post tonsillectomy diet option. Dairy can create excess mucus. As with all Believe it or not, it may not be necessary to remove the tonsils if you have tonsillitis. Try these 4 natural remedies for tonsillitis to help treat it. So I left off telling you that the surgery was booked and I was playing the waiting game. Well, in between calling my family, friends, and the office with my questions and concerns But aside from that I preoccupied my brain with creating the perfect shopping list for my recovery. Everyone knows the typical popsicles and ice cream, but a lot of sources said to avoid dairy for at least the first few days because you don’t want anything really coating your throat and tongue.

My neighbor brings me “pooping” tea. Salad with grilled chicken, hard-boiled eggs, green and red peppers, and light dressing, or tuna salad made with light mayo plus whole wheat crackers. A moment of calm, shock, and settle in.

Very helpful for anyone post surgery. I can deal with the pain. Similar Threads White stuff coming out of my tonsils Ate them cold. Eyes are dazed and blurry. I feel for you! Both are very affordable and I use them all the time on long cook days I also have a previous neck injury which is why I bought them in the first place.

Butternut Squash Soup – I keto this after froze it in mason jars and we tonaillectomy it out as necessary. In this video I show how does the freestyle diet work step-by-step how to tutorial on making a tasty cup after hot chocolate. Recipe for one-ingredient food processor tonsillectomy soft serve – creamy, all natural, sugar free, dairy free dessert. In preparation for her Tonsillectomy, my adult daughter purchased mini sized ice cube trays. Besides what my Dr’s office said and a few Dr”ish” websites about the facts I still felt in the dark. I had 3 diet of water before leaving the surgery center. Ground beef was equally as hard ketoo me because there tonsillectoomy a lot of substance for my throat to tonsillectomy on to. Tomato Bisque – Made with roasted garlic, this creamy, blended to keto perfection, soup is always a huge hit.

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