High fat diet leads to fatigue

By | June 25, 2021

high fat diet leads to fatigue

Adelaide, South Australia — Eating fatty foods can lead to daytime sleepiness as well as sleep problems at night, according to a study from the University of Adelaide. As part of the study, more than 1, Australian men ages 35 to 80 reported their eating habits during a one-year period. Researchers adjusted for lifestyle, demographic factors and chronic diseases. They found that men who consumed the highest amount of fat were more likely to experience excessive daytime sleepiness. A high-fat diet also was linked to sleep apnea. Among the men surveyed, 47 percent said they slept poorly at night and 41 percent reported feeling tired during the day. In addition, about 54 percent experienced mild-to-moderate sleep apnea, and one-quarter had moderate-to-severe sleep apnea.

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Women in particular especially pregnant women tend to do better with more carbs in their diet. Our cells use glucose to make the body’s prime energy transporter, adenosine triphosphate ATP. If you plug your data into the calorie calculator here, you might be surprised at how much you actually need. And focus your fats on heart-healthy types like monounsaturated fats—found in olives, avocadoes and nuts—and omega-3s, like in salmon. A properly functioning hormonal system is essential for your energy levels. Low energy can also be dangerous. Paleo Keto Paleo Beginner? Among the men surveyed, 47 percent said they slept poorly at night and 41 percent reported feeling tired during the day.

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Carbs help your body burn fat without depleting muscle stores for energy. Who doesn’t wish for more energy at least a few dozen times a day? Of course, you know that a good night’s sleep, regular exercise, and effective stress management can give you a much-needed boost. But to further figure out why you’re slumping, you need to pinpoint the energy-sucks in your diet.

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