Health problems diet and socioeconomic status ethical issues

By | July 13, 2020

health problems diet and socioeconomic status ethical issues

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Investigations of the contribution of food costs to socioeconomic inequalities in diet quality may have been limited by the use of estimated vs. This study aimed to explore the extent to which food expenditure mediates socioeconomic inequalities in the healthiness of household food choices. Observational panel data on take-home food and beverage purchases, including expenditure, throughout were obtained for 24, UK households stratified by occupational social class. Results showed that higher occupational social class was significantly associated with greater food expenditure, which was in turn associated with healthier purchasing. Findings suggest that lower food expenditure is likely to be a key contributor to less-healthy food choices among lower socioeconomic groups. However, the potential influence of cost may have been overestimated previously if studies did not account for supermarket choice or explore possible reverse mediation between expenditure and healthiness of choices. A body of evidence shows that purchasing and consumption of unhealthy diets, in particular, eating fewer fruits and vegetables, is strongly patterned by socioeconomic status SES Appelhans et al.

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Health problems diet and socioeconomic status ethical issues think that

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Rehm C. Several limitations need to be borne in mind, however; not 28 scores for individual products foods scoring 4 or more, and beverages 1 or more. Less-healthy foods and beverages were defined by FSA Nutrient Profile least that the data were cross-sectional.

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