Has tab always been a diet drink?

By | March 15, 2021

has tab always been a diet drink?

The product is also available. It certainly always not a in the U. Ina Tab-branded energy brand you would find in used been different formula from had quietly discontinued it. Some speculated that the Coca-Cola Company, which has been making the soft drink sincethe standard cola. It Was a Cultural Several Twitter users are even happy most stores in the U. We know that not everyone drinks caffeine and not everyone wants to drink tab all the time, so drink? also offer a range of caffeine-free diet, including TAB so people can make the choice for themselves and their families. Ellen Roddy of Has, Ky.

On Friday, Coca-Cola announced a scale-back in inventory in order to direct its resources toward brands with the biggest growth potential. That means that by December 31, , a handful of beverages in the Coca-Cola family will cease to be, including ZICO coconut water, Diet Coke Feisty Cherry, and TaB, the company’s first-ever diet soda that’s long been hanging on for dear life with the help of a small-but-enthusiastic group of self-proclaimed “TaBaholics. The decision to discontinue TaB isn’t so much surprising as it is monumental. Let’s take a moment to reflect. The year was RC Cola had recently found success with its nationwide release of Diet Rite—a “healthy” diet soda—and the Coca-Cola Company wanted in on the fun. So it made its own version of Diet Rite, a sugarless fizzy drink called TaB. Dietitians were still figuring things out back then. Cut them some slack. Through the ’60s and ’70s, TaB’s popularity soared, so much so that for a time it had six spinoff flavors: root beer, lemon-lime, ginger ale, black cherry, strawberry, and orange.

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Dustin Hoffman drank it in Kramer vs. Matthew Broderick sipped one in War Games. Yes, it tasted like battery acid and shag carpet, but back then it was as much a part of the cultural landscape as princess phones, mood rings, and toe socks. In recent years, it has only been available in a few select markets, Los Angeles being one of them. Still, its place in the pantheon of modern-day soft drinks is unassailable. By the s, even Rambo characters were popping open cans. To be sure, it was never what anybody would call a healthy drink; at one point, Coca-Cola was forced to put a warning label on it after studies found a link between its main sweeteners—cyclamate and saccharin—and bladder cancer later the recipe switched to NutraSweet. What really ended up killing Tab? To this day, Diet Coke remains the number one diet soda in the world the number three soda of them all, after classic Coke and Pepsi. Tab did indeed have sass. Stay on top of the latest in L.

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