Fructose malabsorption diet plan

By | December 25, 2020

fructose malabsorption diet plan

Fructose malabsorption is a gastrointestinal condition that causes digestive discomfort. This article looks in detail at fructose malabsorption and explores the scientifically-proven diet changes that can help improve your symptoms. Fructose is a simple carbohydrate, or single sugar, found in many plants. However, it also occurs naturally in honey, wheat and some vegetables. When fructose is eaten, it travels to the small intestine where it is absorbed without needing help from digestive enzymes. In fructose malabsorption, t he left over fructose travels to the colon and takes lots of water with it called an osmotic effect. Fructose is then fermented by gut bacteria in the colon large intestine. This fermentation produces short chain fatty acids and the gases hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide 1.

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Fructose malabsorption diet plan speaking

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