Ferret diet high protein fat

By | June 17, 2021

ferret diet high protein fat

Feeding ferrets a nutritious, well-balanced diet can go a long way to keeping them active, happy and healthy. Because ferrets are carnivores, their diets should generally be high in proteins and fats while being low in carbohydrates, sugars and fiber. When ferrets are ill or are recovering from surgery, they may need special diets and medications or other special care to heal. What you are NOT feeding your ferret can be just as important as what you are feeding your ferret. Some of the foods that you should avoid feeding ferrets include. Totally Ferret offers the most nutritionally complete and balanced ferret food and supplements on the market! Simply call us at or

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Diet fat protein ferret high

Feeding your ferret a proper diet is extremely important. Chicken or lamb should be listed in some form poultry, lamb or poultry meal as the number one ingredient in the list of ingredients on the back of the bag. You should also look for food that is naturally preserved with vitamin E and has no artificial colors. Ferrets have very short digestive tracts, so they need a food that contains easily digestible meat protein. Foods that list grain or corn as the first ingredient should not be used. Grocery store kitten or cat foods are not adequate. If you are feeding your ferret grocery store kitten or cat food, please switch to a commercial ferret food or kitten food brand and give your ferret a fatty acid supplement daily. Your ferret is not getting the proper nutrients with grocery store cat or kitten food.

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