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Harriet Dark : Branwell Brontes Lost Novel Barbara Rees

Harriet Dark : Branwell Brontes Lost Novel

Barbara Rees

Published February 1st 1980
ISBN : 9780446903561
Mass Market Paperback
0 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I would give this book 2-1/2 stars on its own terms and might consider knocking up to three but for the utter chutzpah of the author in billing it as Branwell Brontës reconstructed lost novel. A little background: some of Branwells friends claimed that he had actually written Wuthering Heights, based on their assertions that he had read some of the opening chapters to them as his work. This author assumes from that story that he actually was working on a novel with some surface similarities to WH, and claims to have figured out on that extremely thin supposition what type of book he would have written.So, like WH,, this book starts with a dirty, ragged child being found in an urban area and taken into his country house by a kindly gentleman. This child, however, is a girl, and while Mr. Ogilvy, the gentleman in question, has a kindly regard for her when he remembers her, he rarely does, and she grows up as a servant. Through grit and determination she betters herself until she has become the de facto housekeeper, and determines that she is going to marry Mr. Ogilvy. The best laid plans and all that, however...At any rate, as I have said, while it is entertaining enough on its own, I could never imagine anything as tame as this being written by any of the Brontës, not even Branwell. It is also extremely short (barely 150 pages), so there is very little depth of plot or characterization.