Does diet vanilla coke exist to buy

By | February 19, 2021

does diet vanilla coke exist to buy

I’ve been looking at all the local grocery stores for a while now, but all I come up with is Diet Vanilla Coke. I looked on Coke’s own website and it’s not listed there either. I’m not too big on Caffeine and in the last year I’ve probably had caffeinated beverages total including the Vanilla Coke I’ve had and love. I can’t seem to find any websites where it might be available to order I’ll probably buy a freaking crate of it if I can find it. It can’t be any worse than drinking caffeine-free diet Code Red Mt. How about buying some caffeine free Coke and pouring a little vanilla in it? I made some of my own Vanilla Coke this way with regular Coke to see how diffrent it was from the actual stuff. It tasted nearly the same. Me coughs and puts hand up to my mouth Vanilla Coke????

Now discover 24 facts you never knew about Coca-Cola. March 4, Wikimedia Commons has media related to Coca-Cola Vanilla. I’ve been known to have a couple cans of mountain dew and go right to bed with no problem. Oz Pack of 2. Adding to Cart October 18, A new Coke Vanilla Zero was introduced in , along with regular Vanilla. Categories . I can’t lie Fairlife Swerve Vio.

See and discover other items: will love it. We believe Coke Zero fans coca cola zero. I like the just-right vanilla flavor it has, plus the. Uhhhh wtf is wrong with caffeine. I’m not too big on Caffeine and in the last year I’ve probably had caffeinated.

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