Bikini Boss: Lily Khosrowshahi’s Entrepreneurial Foray into Fashion

By | August 9, 2021

What started as an Instagram page dedicated to promoting popular and indie bikini lines quickly grew into the female-owned and run business, ByLil. In March of 2020, Lily Khosrowshahi was approached by a Balinese bikini manufacturer who offered to produce tailored and one-of-a-kind bikini sets as long as she came up with the design; this is how ByLil was born.

It’s important to mention that, at the time, Lily had doubts like any young entrepreneur. Her biggest concern was creating pieces that spoke to bikini lovers in a way that made them forget their insecurities; to Lily, comfort is the key to confidence.

From the get-go, Lily had two priorities in mind for her designs: reversibility and versatility. These two keywords would build the foundation for ByLil’s company philosophy, which is providing you with inclusive, fashion-forward staples for your beach-side wardrobe.  Each bikini set is designed by Lily and is given the utmost attention and care to detail so that fabric quality standards remain high, yet affordable. With proper, hand-washed care ByLil bikinis are built to last, making them a worthwhile investment; we recommend hang drying your ByLil pieces. pop-up shop (opened in June 2021) further highlighted that shoppers are interested in maintaining their own fabric quality standards without having to break the bank. Essentially, they were wary of committing to an online purchase before seeing the quality in person.

During the ByLil pop-up, Lily’s infamous “Nico” bikini rose to stardom by offering the most variations in color than any other ByLil design. A fan favorite of the “Nico” bikini design is the color dubbed “Head in the Clouds.” So, whether you’re looking for a softer color palette like “Head in the Clouds” to contrast your skin tone perfectly or you’re searching for that bright coral that’ll make your summer tan pop, treat yourself with a ByLil “Nico” bikini.

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Now, let’s add a little spice. Lily’s release of the “Catch on Fire” three-piece bikini set sparked her first exclusively limited design, featuring a fiery triangle bikini with a matching one-size-fits-all skirt.

Of course, ByLil’s designs welcome all body shapes and sizes, featuring adjustable strings and seamless bottoms.

The adjustable straps are an essential component to ByLil’s designs; they are what make her pieces so versatile. As featured on the @bylilofficial Instagram account, you can wear a ByLil bikini a minimum of four different ways! This means you can officially stop worrying about being an outfit repeater, all while saving money.

Moreover, the adjustable straps and seamless bottoms also mean you’re only sizing up for coverage – but why not be a little cheekier during your bikini season? The same goes for her triangle bikini designs, where the triangle top is suitable for all chest sizes. Simply choose your size based on your preference for coverage.

With seamless bottoms that hug every curve and adjustable straps that possibly reinvent the wheel, ByLil’s bikinis are raising fashion standards and expectations for consumers and brands alike.

Although Lily Khosrowshahi is still writing her company’s origin story, she’s undoubtedly looking ahead. Beyond growing her online presence, Lily will cultivate strong working relationships with beauty and lifestyle influencers who advocate for self-love and care in all forms.

If you’re interested in following the behind-the-scenes processes of what makes ByLil “that girl,” follow bylilofficial on Instagram to learn more. Followers should stay on the lookout for new designs, an extension to the swimwear line, and much more!

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ByLil dedicates itself to inclusivity through its versatile and reversible bikini designs. These designs encourage all bikini lovers to showcase the best parts of their whole self, in whatever style they’re feeling that day.

After all, there’s no one “right” way to wear ByLil.

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