A family physician shares her inspiration [PODCAST]

By | May 21, 2021

“Why else should a person become a doctor?

Because there is always something to learn. Because holding someone’s hand when they’re scared is a profound gift that feels as good to give as it does to receive. Because your job will call on you to be brave, honest, and the best human you can be. Because you can work with people who are as devoted to and optimistic about our fellow humans as you are. Because you can choose your patient populations, your clinical settings, the procedures that you do, and the way that you practice.

So, yes, good luck, young friend. Keep your focus on what brings you joy, and pursue that. You’ll be great at it.”

Rebekah Rollston is a family physician.

She shares her story and discusses the KevinMD article, “So you want to be a doctor? Here are 10 truths.”

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