8 Home Remedies to Help You Prevent Vaginal Yeast Infection Naturally

By | August 10, 2021

Thousands of women all over the world have vaginal yeast infections without knowing it, thinking it is merely an irritation. Nevertheless, they should have knowledge about this irritable condition, its treatment, and prevention. Most importantly, they must learn about essential oils for yeast infection by The Goodbye Company.


Yeast Infection in the vagina is medically known as Candidiasis caused by the common fungus Candida Albicans. Women are 75% more likely to develop this kind of fungal infection than men, but both are equally susceptible. This infection targets the genital area leading to excessive vaginal discharge, itchiness, and pain. Despite not being an STD, it could aggravate the condition and increase the risk.

Know Your Yeast Infections’ Symptoms:

You can check if you are suffering from yeast infection by carefully observing your vaginal discharge. If it’s candidiasis, then your vaginal discharge will be thick, creamy, or like cottage cheese without any foul odor. Sometimes, females experience watery, thin, transparent discharge instead of cheesy-thick. Other common signs and symptoms include itchiness, redness, pain, and swelling of the vulva.

Home Remedies to Cure Candidiasis:

If you want to cure your mild yeast infection at home, you can either choose over-the-counter medication or kitchen ingredients. Such kitchen items primarily include herbs, spices, and the Goodbye Company’s essential oils for yeast infection.

OTC medication:

Over-the-counter drugs are those medications that you can easily buy from a pharmacy or grocery store without any prescription. Additionally, you can administer them easily at home without fearing any side effects and complications.

vaginal yeast

You can either apply an antifungal medication internally or externally depending upon the dosage form. A cream, for instance, can be applied both internally and externally, and a pessary can be administered only internally. Moreover, depending upon the severity, you can either take medication once or thrice daily. Remember that fungus is a very resistant species and you need to complete the antifungal treatment properly.

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Fungal infections like this are treated using antifungal medications, majorly effective are azoles. Besides antifungal treatment, you can take an anti-rash or any analgesic to help with itchiness and vaginal pain.


Probiotics have been proven to cure and alleviate the symptoms of yeast infection. Some research also reveals that lactobacilli, a probiotic, amplifies the antifungal effect of azoles. There are many natural and artificial ways to take probiotics. You can use probiotic supplements, probiotic pessaries,  or dairy curds as an alternative treatment.

vaginal yeast


Unsweetened and unflavored yogurt contains a high proportion of probiotics also known as good bacteria. The presence of good bacteria helps fight bad bacteria and yeast. It creates a balance of vaginal microbes and also maintains the acidity and pH of the vagina.

Essential Oils:

Good essential oil for yeast infection is one that has all the components to eliminate pain, itchiness, swelling, and discharge. One example is the Goodbye Company Essential oil for yeast infection. It comprises an infusion of clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, and lemon in a proprietary blend of Omega 9 carrier oils.

vaginal yeast

Clove contains eugenol that is an excellent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent. Likewise, cinnamon and rosemary fight infection and relieve vaginal pain and soreness. Similar benefits are found in lemon and eucalyptus that are all infused in Omega 9 carrier oil targeting candida activity.

Tea Tree Oil:

Many studies and lab research have shown that tea tree oil is quite beneficial in controlling and curing candida infections. One researcher concluded that the tea tree contains terpene alcohol known as terpinen-4-ol that’s an excellent anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant.

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You can use tea tree oil diluted in a carrier oil like coconut oil and can apply it in various ways. You can either soak a tampon or a cotton ball in diluted tea tree oil. Remember to take a sensitivity test to the tea tree 24 hours before application.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is generally used as a carer oil to infuse various herbs or dilute various oils like tea tree oil and oregano oil. Coconut itself has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that is why it is used as a home remedy of yeast infection. It can be applied internally and externally with the help of a cotton ball. Warm it to get more benefits and relief from pain instantly.

Oregano Oil:

Origanum vulgare-the wild oregano has been proven against candida infections. It is because of its 2 main components thymol and carvacrol that act as antifungal agents. Briefly, wild oregano oil is quite beneficial in fighting Candida albicans. Apply it internally and externally before mixing 2-3 drops of it in a carrier oil like an ounce of coconut oil or almond oil. Furthermore, capsules containing oregano oil can be bought from drug stores for insertion into the vagina.

Precautions while using Essential Oils:

  • Never use pure or concentrated forms of essential oils directly onto your screen
  • Always take a skin test 24 hours before application
  • If you are using a oil- soaked tampon, then change it after every 4 hours
  • Do not apply essential oils to sensitive areas for more than 6 hours.

Boric Acid:

Boric acid is the most powerful home ingredient that can fight effectively against candida infections. It is available in capsules, pessaries, and suppository forms that are administered into the vagina. According to a study, topical boric acid in conjunction with flucytosine can cure 70% of candida infections. Nevertheless, it is a potent chemical that should only be reserved for serious yeast infections. Try to use other remedies for mild to moderate vaginal yeast infections.


Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is a natural antibacterial and antifungal medication easily available at grocery stores. However, you cannot use apple cider vinegar orally and topically in concentrated form. The only way you can benefit from apple cider vinegar is to pour ½ cup of it in a bath and soak your body for about 20 minutes. It will surely alleviate your pain, itchiness, redness, swelling, and will fight Candida albicans.

The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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