2000 calorie weekly diet

By | July 8, 2020

2000 calorie weekly diet

This easy clean-eating meal plan features healthy whole foods and limits processed items to help you get back on track with healthy habits. If you feel like your healthy habits have gotten off track, this simple take on a clean-eating meal plan can help you get back to the eating habits that help you feel your best. With 14 days of wholesome meals and snacks, this clean-eating meal plan is a great way to up your intake of good-for-you foods like whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats and plenty of fruits and veggies, while limiting the stuff that can make you feel not-so-great in large amounts think refined carbs, alcohol, added sugars and hydrogenated fats. Here at EatingWell, we approach clean-eating sensibly. While all foods can be part of a healthy diet, sometimes you just need to hit reset and focus on eating more of the healthy foods you may be skimping on. This 2,calorie clean-eating meal plan will help you do just that. Over the course of this day diet plan, you’ll get your fill of healthy whole foods-some that you’ll prep from scratch and others that you can buy from the store see our Clean-Eating Shopping Tips for finding the “cleanest” versions of packaged foods. The meals and snacks in this plan will have you feeling energized, satisfied and good about what’s on your plate. Looking for a different calorie level?

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Diet 2000 calorie weekly

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